“I Don’t Get Twitter”

“I don’t get Twitter.” . If you were born after 1981, you will have heard this often enough. Most of us gateway-ed  into social media via Bebo, Myspace or more commonly Facebook. Twitter is a bit of a leap from these platforms and is used differently. Convincing friends to persevere is one thing, but if the Marketing Director or CEO doesn’t “get it” , you will have trouble convincing the organisation how important twitter could potentially be to them.

I saw this nice little infographic today and thought it would be a nice little card to show these people in case of an “I don’t get Twitter emergency” . If you push the person through the stages shown below, they might just get interested. If they get interested, they should get addicted. If they are addicted, watch how quickly and easily you can role out your social media strategy!

Caution – CEO addiction to Twitter may result in your company failing within three months.


Infographic courtesy of: El rincón de Lombok Design

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One thought on ““I Don’t Get Twitter”

  1. jessknows says:

    I am completely with you on the twitter adaption. I had convinced myself that I would not conform to twitter because it was full of symbols and actions that just did not make any sense. Now that I am in an educational social media experience, I am forced to experience the relm that is Twitter. I believe at this point that I am a stage 1.5 still not understanding but trying my hardest to.

    I enjoy you blog and thoughts as I have browsed through.

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