Content Dumping – The Lazy Man’s Approach To Social Media

The brand will go unnamed because I fear litigation and you never know, they may be a client some day. They are not the only brand who do it, they weren’t the first and they won’t be the last. What do they do that is so bad? They content dump. They fill my news feed up in one big chunk with all of the stuff that they want to say that week. Flump! Not so much as a “by your leave” , they just pour everything they have down your throat in one big go.

So how does the social media strategy look for that sort of approach?

Brand X – Lazy Ass Social Media Strategy

1. Acquire content from Marketing Department

2. Acquire content from PR department

3. Acquire additional content from the web

4. Put all content on to all social media channels at the same time

5. Wash, Rinse,Repeat




This is such a negative for the brand. Never do this unless there is a specific reason to post in such a heavy manner ( breaking news or product lunch etc) . Post as you would occasionally , regularly and when you and your message are relevant for the ones which you want to consume the message.

Dump on me and I will dump you.

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