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CRM v Social CRM

I found this infographic from Our Social Times illustrating the difference between CRM and Social CRM. It makes good reading and is a good 101 tool for anyone wanting to get internal buy in to the social CRM approach. I like the idea of Social CRM but I would warn strategists to approach with caution. CRM at its heart is what social is about, managing your relationship with your customers. Unfortunately, CRM’s beginnings are pre web 2.0 and as such the systems and rules on which CRM operates are designed for a 1.0 world and a 1.0 audience.

They key differential is that in today’s socially connected world, listening to the consumer is just as important as telling them what you want them to hear. To truly have a social agenda in your CRM, you need to listen and base your engagement on what you have heard and understood. Social CRM is awesome and will be the core mechanic of all brand communications going forward. The most successful iterations of this will come from the brands that communicate rather than broadcast.


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Engaging At Scale

Engagement strategies are like ice cream flavours….there are alot of them, everyone has their favourite and it is hard to prove which one is best. I like the approach shown in this diagram. Activating your advocates is core to a successful approach, if they dont carry and engage with your message, who will?

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