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The Future Of Facebook

Nice infographic on the future of Facebook.

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A Lesson In Social Commerce By Lynx

We are at the beginning of social commerce. No one has got it right yet and no one will earn millions from it straight away. Much like when e-commerce began, companies are still trying to figure this new commercial channel out. Where does it fit in to to their current commercial model? How do they do it?

Today Lynx launched a social commerce campaign in order to launch it’s new unisex brand on to the UK market. Brands would do well to look at how Lynx have approached this. They have recognised that the currently, Facebook is not the place to do your entire weekly shop. They have set up a commercial campaign that is not designed to compete with its retail sales, but instead, add value to it’s core consumers and start talkability about the product launch.

The key insight here is that Facebook  is the place where your brand mavens go to connect with you. These are the biggest fans of the brand. There is a distinctly different commercial paradigm with them, than there is the casual consumer. Here they have used the channel to sell a limited run of the new brand ahead of it being launched into the general market. 100 cans of deodorant to the first 100 people to buy.

It wont make money. It is not about making money at this point. It is about reaching out to this core of consumers and getting them to make a commercial transaction with their favourite brand on a socially connected platform. This campaign is the embryonic beginnings of Lynx’s social commerce strategy.

You might note as well, that they did not get to this point straight away. The page is engaging and is filled with apps and competitions. The vast number of followers and reasonably heavy page engagement show that there is a solid base of social media marketing from which this commercial strategy has been launched.

Good work Lynx and relevant agencies and partners.

Now where is my credit card?

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Social Brand Experience Study

This is a great study that gives an illustration of where we are now with the adoption and integration of social media. Good learnings about consumer habits and some interesting responses concerning how senior managers within organisations are viewing social media. Most notably only 6% think social media will make a difference to their commercial activities.

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Social Commerce 101

This is a presentation I did last year for a company I was consulting for called OWJO.
If you are thinking about starting a social commerce strategy, start with the social. Get that right first. Then add the commercial element.
If you have an actively engaged audience tools like OWJO will make you real money. Social commerce is definitely the future but it starts with social media.
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